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Elk in a snowstorm, New Mexico


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     Hello, and welcome to my website.  My name is Taber West, and photography is my passion.  As a child I lived in and around various remote and mountainous areas in the United States.  Growing up in this way fostered a deep love of the outdoors and the natural world in me, and a desire to capture it on film.  I developed an interest in photography at a young age, but after time in the Navy and College, I instead pursued Information Technology as a career path.  Though working with computers pays my bills, photography is always where my heart is.  Recently I decided to rekindle that passion, and turn it into a career instead of a serious hobby.  I built a home with my lovely wife in the mountains of northern New Mexico, and jumped back into photography head first.  They say to do what you love, and the rest will take care of itself.  Lets hope that's true.

     My specialties are Landscape, Scenic, Fine Art, and Outdoor Action Photography.  If you are interested in my work, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Taber West